MIS Swimming 2024 Easter Break Information

Dear parents and guardians,

We would like to inform you that as Easter during the Easter, we will also be on one week break.

Our break period is like the below:

29th of March – 4th of April

Our classes will continue as normal from the 5th of April.

Kind regards,
MIS Swimming

2023 Victorian Relay Competition

MIS Swimming Club’s Boys 11 & Under 200 team has come First for 200m and Boys 14 & Under 200 team has come 3rd.

Boys 11 & Under Team – Matthew Hu, Bowen Zheng, Eran Ni, Liam Joohong Lee

Boys 14 & Under Team – Eugene Tang, Ethan Jihong Lee, Eugene Lim, Lachlan Harris

Fukuoka 2023 World Aquatics Championships

MIS Swimming Club Coach Yosep Yang and Korean 4x200m freestyle relay, freestyle 400m, 800m & 1500m swimmer Woomin Kim

MIS Swimming Club Coach Yosep Yang, 200m freestyle swimmer Sunwoo Hwang and Korean Swimming Federation General Secretary Seung Hoon Kim

MIS Swimming Club Head Coach, Yosep Yang, had been invited to the Fukuoka 2023 World Aquatics Championships.

Below are the pictures of him with Korean Swimming Federation Team.

Korean National Swimming Team Melbourne Bootcamp with Nunawading Swimming Club All Performance

Korean National Swimming Team, MIS Swimming Club Coaching Team, and Nunawading Swimming Club All Performance Team and their coach Nick Veliades

Korean National Swimming Team Coaching Team and MIS Swimming Club Coaching Team
From left to right: MIS Swimming Coach -Yosep Yang, Korean National Swimming Team Coach – Hyoyeol Kim, MIS Swimming Assistant Coach – Jinyong Kim, Korean National Swimming Team Pysical Trainer – Jihong Lee

Dinner Night of Korean National Swimming team and MIS Swiming Club

Once again, MIS Swimming had great opportunity to support the Korean National Swimming Team. This time, Korean National Swimming Team consisted of two Backstrokers (Juho Lee, Eunji Lee) and two Breaststrokers (Dongyeol Choi, Sungjae Cho) have come to Melbourne for their bootcamp with Nunawading Swimming Club All Performance Team from May 18th 2023 to June 13th 2023.

Korean National Swimming Team Gold Coast Bootcamp with Miami Swimming Club

Miami Swimming Club Team, National Korean Swimming Team and MIS Swimming Club Coaching Team

Miami Swimming Club Coaching Team, Korean National Swimming Team Coaching Team and MIS Swimming Coaching Team

Korean National Swimming Team and MIS Swimming Club Coaches

MIS Swimming Coach Yosep Yang and Jinyong Kim has travelled to Gold Coast to assist National Swimming Team’s bootcamp at Gold Coast with Miami Swimming Club from Februray 8th to March 15th.

2022 Korean National Swimming Team & MIS Swimming Club Collaberation Night

MIS Swimming Club had a great opportunity to assist the Korean National Swimming team while they were training in Australia.

They have come to Australia to train for the 2022 World Championships and the Asian Games for their 4 x 200m Freestyle events along with their individual events. Amongst the team, there is a 200m Freestyle Gold medalist for the 2021 Shortcourse Championship, Sunwoo Hwang.

From left: Hojun Lee, Sunwoo Hwang, Woomin Kim, Yooyeon Lee

From left: Hojun Lee, Sunwoo Hwang, Woomin Kim, Yooyeon Lee

Below are the photos they have taken with MIS Swimming Club swimmers and parents.

MIS Coaches & Korean Nation Swimming Team

MIS Swimming Update Regarding Reopening

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick update regarding the lift of the restriction and how it affects MIS Swimming.

Currently, it seems private swimming pools are opening up with the restriction of 20 people using the facilities at any time. Some swimming pools in other councils have allowed individuals to book their sessions to use the swimming pool with 45 minutes per session. However, the swimming pools that MIS Swimming uses are still under shutdown and they are waiting for their councils to give them a sign to open up again.

What this means for MIS Swimming is that we still have to wait for the shutdown to ease more so that the swimming pools open up for the public in order for us to go back to our usual lessons. We are still consistently contacting the relevant facilities for any updates and we will let you know when we have any updates.

I hope everyone stays safe and hope to see you soon.

MIS Swimming

Updated: 17/06/2020